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War is one of the most horrible things that you can possibly adapt to

By Olena Kuk

What had changed since the full-scale Russian war began? To answer that question, I want to show you one of the almost regular mornings in Kyiv nowadays:

February 7th, 2024

5:55 AM – Air Alarm.
6:57 AM – Explosion in the distance. That sound woke me up because the warning alarm before didn’t. I took my phone to check the monitoring telegram channels to understand – what was that?
“Cruise missiles are flying toward Kyiv”, – the message from Air Defence I overslept.
“The air defense is working in Kyiv”, – current statement.
“Rockets heading west”, – next information.
7:05 AM – I put down my phone, turned on the other side, and went back to sleep. The day before I had to work until 00:00, came home, and went to bed at 2:00 am. Because of the exhaustion, I couldn’t even hear the air alarm and decided to risk and continue sleeping.
7:40 AM – Loud explosion sound. My windows shook. One more strong explosion.
7:41 AM – I took my blanket and went to the hall to hide behind two walls. You cannot ignore such a powerful strike.

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Russian propaganda is a crucial human rights violation

By Anastasiia Ivantsova

Russia is not only a threat to Ukrainians. Russia is also a threat to you. And this threat is slower and more insidious, because their war is already going on in your minds.

I am writing a part of this text from bombshelter. Today, the threat comes from cruise missiles launched by Tu-95 strategic bombers. They are fast and heavy, but thanks to Western weapons from our partners, they we can shot them down. Nevertheless, we are hiding in the underground parking lot of our own apartment building at 5 a.m., because even the fragments of a missile can cause a lot of damage. Ballistic missiles, hypersonic missiles and Iranian kamikaze-drones are also flying towards our peaceful cities. And as a civilian Ukrainian woman living a few hundred kilometers from the front line, I feel only a small part of the war. But it is here nonetheless. I can take pictures of its consequences and show them to you, I can describe it to you.
But disinformation is more difficult.

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This war had implications for us all

By Baroness Kennedy of the Shaws KC

The Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022 was and is a criminal act under international law. Despite Russia’s purported claims that Ukrainian territory is a historic and integral part of Russia, Ukraine remains a sovereign nation, and Russia’s invasion constitutes a Crime of Aggression.

Since the beginning of the invasion, the Russian state has committed numerous war crimes and atrocities. The Russian military has carried out a sustained campaign of targeting civilians and other non-military targets, ranging from schools and hospitals to crucial infrastructure. Notable among these was the attack on the Kakhovka Dam, which was destroyed on June 6th, 2023, unleashing a flood which led to the wholesale devastation of the affected area. Additionally, the shelling of the Zaporizhian nuclear power plant and the consequential disruption of its operation could have, if not unchecked, resulted in a nuclear disaster. Russia has also engaged in the repeated and continuous use of chemical weapons against Ukraine in clear violation of the Geneva Convention.

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