M100 Media Award 2021: Livestream of the ceremony on 6 October




M100 cooperates with Treffpunkteuropa

18 January 2022. Treffpunkteuropa.de is the political online magazine of Young European Federalists (JEF) Germany and is published in seven different languages. It explains European politics, offers a platform for European perspectives and gives young people the opportunity to help shape the European media space through their own contributions and contributing more broadly to a European public sphere.

Within the framework of our cooperation, we will help to promote one anothers’ events and projects, support each other thematically and organise a joint workshop or webinar. English articles are available on the sister site of Treffpunkteuropa, The New Federalist.

We look forward to this new collaboration!

New documentary film about Navalny

17 January 2022. Today, Russian politician and opposition leader Alexei Navalny, M100 Media Award laureate 2021, is imprisoned since one year.

While Russia has set his allies Leonid Volkov, who accepted the award for Navalny on 6 October in Potsdam, and Ivan Zhdanov to its list of “terrorists & extremists”, CNN & HBO have announced a documentary about him. Please click here for more information about the film.

Ali Fathollah-Nejad: Berlin Mideast Podcast and book about Iran

14 January 2022. With the Berlin Mideast Podcast, Dr Ali Fathollah-Nejad has initiated the first major German-language podcast on the Middle East.

In each episode, a central topic related to Europe’s neighboring region, the Middle East (North Africa & West Asia), is being discussed, ranging from politics, society, economics, foreign and security policy. The first episode looks at the Arab Spring “long-term revolutionary process” a decade on, the second one at the role of Russia in the Middle East.

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