M100 Sanssouci Colloquium and M100 Media Award 2023


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It is our duty not only to mourn, but to act

By Mike Schubert

It has been two and a half years since we honoured Alexei Navalny with the M100 Media Award for his unwavering commitment to democracy and transparency. His political companion and friend Leonid Volkov accepted the award on his behalf in Potsdam, as he was already in prison for his fight against Russia’s unjust regime. The news of his death reached us last week. We are deeply shocked.
And we are shocked that two years after the Russian army invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022, the war is still going on. Every day we receive new reports of people who have fallen victim to this war. Thousands have already lost their lives, millions have been forced to flee and are now seeking protection and a new home in countries like Germany. These figures are not just statistics; they represent individual fates, shattered dreams and the immense suffering of families torn apart.

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It’s getting harder to hope

By Olga Rudenko

This Saturday, February 24, millions of people in Europe will wake up and go about their usual weekend business. They will be having brunches with friends, driving kids to playdates, and doing grocery shopping.
Here in Ukraine, millions of people will have a heavy heart this Saturday morning. This day, February 24, marks two years since Russia launched an all-out invasion of our country.
I was asked many times what that first day of invasion was like. I recounted it in my opening remarks at the M100 Sanssouci Colloquium in September 2022. I still remember it in all its details, hour by hour. One doesn’t forget hearing an air raid for the first time.
Are you still with me? If you are, thank you. Two years in, the stories of what Ukrainians go through don’t capture people’s attention as they used to. It’s human nature to grow more blunt about suffering after hearing about it again and again.

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A genocide of the population is taking place in Ukraine

By Kai Diekmann

The brutal war against Ukraine has been going on for two years now. 24 months with many thousands of deaths, rapes, torture, the destruction of lives, livelihoods and homes and the deportation of thousands of Ukrainian children to Russia. Two years in which families have been separated from their sons, husbands, brothers and friends because they are fighting on the front line without a break. Two years in which I worry about Ukrainian friends and colleagues covering the war.

To date, this genocide has cost the Ukrainian people more than 10,000 civilian victims, including nearly 600 children. Over 19,000 civilians have been injured, including over 1,000 children. I use the word genocide deliberately because that is what the Russian dictator wants to achieve: the extermination of the people of Ukraine. He will use any means to achieve this.

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