Our Alumni Network: Konstantinos Koulocheris, Greece

22 June 2022. Konstantinos Koulocheris works as a data analyst in London.

“The Russian invasion in the Ukraine highlights the necessity for the EU to carefully pick its partners and prevent striking any kind of trade deals with regimes that are evidently a threat to its borders. Following evidence of aggressive behavior since 2014 in the Crimean Peninsula, the fuel and energy dependence of a whole continent to a regime that invades foreign territories proved to be a major mistake with catastrophic consequences for European people”, he writes.

Konstantinos participated at the M100YEJ in 2013, which influenced him to focus on media and politics in a professional path and where he met his wife, Anna. More about Konstantinos here.

“We need visibility on an international level”

15 June 2022. Olesia Tytarenko, deputy editor-in-chief of the National Public Broadcasting Corporation of Ukraine (Suspilne), supports the statement of her colleague Olga Konsevych:

“We as a public broadcaster had it a little easier than the private media. But we also need visibility on an international level, because as you can see, attention and also support is decreasing. And maybe closer international cooperation between journalists, editors and civil society representatives can have a positive effect.

What we are also worried about are the narratives that have appeared recently in western media. Some journalists and public figures were trying to convey an idea that to stop the war, Ukraine has to cede its territory. Our goal as journalists is to prove them wrong. And we would also need Western society’s help in it.”

“International cooperation is lacking”

13 June 2022. Olga Konsevych, editor-in-chief of the Ukrainian news platform,  regrets the lack of cooperation between major Western publishers and Ukrainian media:

“We have English-language content, photos, videos and many special projects about the war, and I think it is very important to share it with other media. But we lack contacts, and I see M100 as a bridge that can help us reach these people. We need to be loud about Ukraine. The war is disappearing from the covers of international media. Our aim as a journalist community is to bring a voice about ongoing situation and make the Ukraine topic visible even if Europe got used to it.”

We are supporting this important call to all western publishers and media houses! If you want to contact Ukrainian independent journalists and editorial offices, please contact us!