M100 Young European Journalists Workshop

The multi-day M100 Young European Journalists Workshop (M100YEJ) has been an integral part of M100 since its beginning in 2005.
Every year, about 25 young journalists and editors between the ages of 20 and 30, from across Europe, the Eastern Partnership countries and Russia, are selected to participate in the free workshop after an application process. The topics are diverse and range from investigative journalism, the role of journalists in the future, dialogue between cultures, how to get young people interested in Europe and politics to reporting on crises or fake news. Impulses for the individual modules come from renowned experts from all over Europe. In addition, the young journalists’ workshop in 2006 conceived and launched the multimedia internet platform www.orangelog.eu in cooperation with the European Youth Press.

The workshop enables an exchange with journalists from all over Europe and an opportunity to get to know the different conditions and challenges for journalism in different political and social systems. As an East-West bridge builder, M100 offers participants insights and experiences from different geographical and cultural perspectives. In addition to imparting practical and theoretical knowledge of journalistic work, the aim of the workshop is a sustainable networking between the participants. There is an alumni group on Facebook with almost 300 members as well as a smaller, active alumni group that regularly meets with each other online, exchanges ideas on various relevant topics, makes suggestions for topics and writes articles.

The highlight of every M100YEJ is the participation in the M100 Sanssouci Colloquium, where young journalists have the chance to come into contact with the conference participants and topics directly. They can join in the discussion and conduct personal interviews with high-level participants from media, science, and politics from all over Europe.

Many M100 alumni now work for successful independent media throughout Europe or have founded media organisations themselves, such as the co-founder of the investigative network Correct!v Daniel Drepper or the founder of the international reporting platform Outriders Jakub Górnicki.

Within the framework of the seminars, we cooperate with numerous sponsors and partners, including the Press and Information Office of the Federal Government, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, the German Foreign Office, the National Endowment for Democracy, the European Youth Press, Treffpunkt Europa, Euractiv and many more.

You can find more information about this year’s workshop here.