Elevate Scholarship for Olga Konsevych

2 April 2024. M100 alumna Olga Konsevych, a Ukrainian journalist and media manager, is the honored recipient of a 2024 Elevate Scholarship from the Google News Initiative and INMA for her advocacy of diversity and inclusion in the news media industry (more information here). Olga left her home country after Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which violated international law, and has since worked as a journalist in Germany, including for the Tagesspiegel. She also takes part in various EU and US projects focussing on investigative journalism.
Additionally, Olga Konsevych is in the process of implementing the “Why Ukraine” project, which aims to combat disinformation about Ukraine and democracy worldwide by providing verified experts with a platform to communicate with an international audience.
According to Olga, “Why Ukraine” will emphasise visual formats and fact-checking to ensure accurate information dissemination. “In my opinion, any explanatory content can make a difference,” Olga says. “I believe that many things need to be explained to people, rather than immediately stigmatizing them because, for example, they succumbed to propaganda. That’s why fact-checking, debunking fake news, and explanatory journalism often have more impact than we might think. However, when observing the younger generation and social platforms such as Telegram, TikTok, and X, I also understand that separate strategies are needed to create at least some kind of balance (since we can’t simply restrict usage)”.

While the project is in initial stage, INMA will contribute to her activities by providing free access to master classes on various topics, ranging from GenIA for news to models of transformation for newsrooms.
We warmly congratulate Olga Konsevych!