Dr Tobias Endler

Political Scientist and Americanist

Dr Tobias Endler, political scientist and Americanist, has researched and taught at Heidelberg University and Yale University (USA). Numerous publications on the USA and transatlantic relations and on democracy, media and populism, and progressive movements, e.g. Frankfurter Rundschau, Der Standard, Carta.

Endler is a regular guest on TV and radio as an expert on the USA and transatlantic relations (ZDF, SWR, NDR). He designs and moderates training formats on “Democracy and the Culture of Controversy”, the USA and the West, and is co-founder of Projekt cAMElot: North America Expertise, Analysis & Transfer.

Most recently published: “Game Over: Warum es den Westen nicht mehr gibt“; Tobias’ new book “Demokratie und Streit: Der Diskurs der Progressiven in den USA: Vorbild für Deutschland?” will be out in September 2022.