Mike Schubert: Strong Signal for Democracy

7 August 2023: Mike Schubert, Lord Mayor of the state capital Potsdam and Chairman of the M100 Advisory Board on the presentation of the M100 Media Award to the Women, Life, Freedom Movement of Iran:
“The presentation of the M100 Media Award to the Iranian Women, Life, Freedom Movement is a strong signal for the strengthening of democracy, freedom of expression and freedom of the press. The protests for women’s fundamental rights, which are not only taken for granted in the Western world, have attracted worldwide attention in recent months. It is impressive how brave and strong the protesters are, expressing their will for change in the face of the threat of unjust and inhumane punishment. In Shima Babaei, we see the example of a courageous woman who has had to flee harsh punishments and disenfranchisement, and who is fighting from exile for the rights and freedom of Iranian women. Her efforts remind us that we must always speak up for those who have no voice. Let us continue to fight together for a more just and free world, where the voices of all are heard and women everywhere have equal rights and opportunities.”