M100YEJ: Belle de Jong, 23, The Netherlands

8 August 2023. “Journalists must play an active role in bridging the gap between science and society, translating complex scientific findings into accessible language and highlighting innovative solutions,” says Dutch journalist Belle de Jong, who works as “Leading Editor Western Europe” for the young media start-up “The European Correspondent“. “By equipping audiences with accurate information and empowering them to take action, journalism can catalyse a groundswell of collective efforts to combat climate change. Together, we can forge a new era of climate journalism that not only informs, but inspires, empowers, and drives tangible progress towards a more sustainable future.”

Belle is one of 20 young European journalists taking part in the M100 Young European Journalists Workshop on “Climate reporting – and its significance for democracy” from 10 to 14 September in Potsdam. “Climate change is no longer a distant concern; it is a pressing issue of the present,” Belle writes in her application. “The magnitude of this crisis cannot be understated. And it is no longer an issue that the West can hide from; the devastating floods in my home country, the Netherlands, as well as Luxembourg and Germany in 2021, are the immediate and tangible consequences of climate change.”

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