Astrid Frohloff

TV Presenter and Journalist
rbb TV

Astrid Frohloff is a German TV presenter and journalist. She is currently working on solution-oriented television formats and has developed the reportage series “besser geht immer” (better always works) for rbb, among others. Until the end of 2018, she hosted the investigative political magazine “Kontraste” in the Erste. As a correspondent and reporter, she reported from many parts of the world – with a focus on the Middle East.

In the third programs of ARD, she hosted the political magazine “Klartext” (rbb), the program “DAS! – Das Abendstudio” (NDR), the SAT.1 main news program “18:30-Nachrichten” and the rbb talk show “Im Palais. As a guest of Astrid Frohloff”.

The graduate journalist made her mark as a reporter on the Middle East. For five years she lived in Jerusalem, built up a television studio there and reported from the crisis areas Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Egypt and Jordan.

In addition, Astrid Frohloff is committed to freedom of the press and freedom of opinion: For 12 years, she served as spokesperson for the board of the human rights organization “Reporters without Borders”. At this time the organization has received several awards for her excellent work. Among other functions, Astrid Frohloff is a member of the jury of the Marion Dönhoff Prize.