New Perspectives With M100 Digital

Potsdam, 01 May 2020. “M100 Digital” holds many new opportunities for media exchange. In times of Covid-19 we are working intensively on our digital performance in order to continue to meet the acute need for discussion on democracy, the public sphere and digitalization and to dedicate ourselves to the new reality. What are the next steps for M100?

The corona virus and its consequences are also turning the calendar of events in Potsdam upside down. In Brandenburg and Berlin major events will remain banned until 31 August 2020. The Federal Ministry of the Interior has ordered far-reaching travel restrictions and asks all citizens to refrain from travel that is not absolutely necessary. Against this background and due to the difficult planning circumstances, M100 will not be able to take place as usual in the historic palaces and gardens of the Sanssouci Park this year for the first time in its 15-year history.

Of course, it is not easy for us as organizers to take this decision, as we are aware of what a major event like M100 characterises. Our media exchange undoubtedly lives not only from the programme, but also from the personal, spontaneous moments of direct networking during the breaks, at the buffet or during a walk in the Sanssouci Park. The magnificent M100 atmosphere of our venues in the historic palaces of Potsdam allows time travel to key sites of historical turning points such as the Potsdam Agreement at Cecilienhof Palace and illustrates the scope of the M100 debates on democracy and freedom of expression.

Nonetheless, this crisis does not prevent us from working on alternative ways of implementing the project and improving our digital presence. In recent months and weeks, our entire everyday life has taken place in the digital realm, as communication without video conferences and digital networking is no longer feasible. Interpersonal exchange is therefore shifting even more to the virtuality of social media. This new reality is something we also want to discover for M100, especially since it highlights more than ever an acute need for discussion about the risks and implications of digitization for the future.

Therefore, “M100 Digital” also holds many opportunities. As an exclusive meeting for high-ranking key figures from the media industry, politics and science, we can use innovative, digital methods to make our content available to an even broader public on the Internet this year. For example, the number of participants for our events (conference, awards ceremony and workshop) is no longer limited to a certain number of participants and our M100 Alumni network can be expanded and strengthened again through flexible, virtual meetings.

All these factors motivate us very much to continue to develop with new successful and digital formats that will continue to be used even in normalized times. We are, of course, very pleased to continue to discuss with you, also digitally, media-political issues concerning the public sphere and democracy in a European context. We are currently in the starting blocks for the preparations and will of course inform you promptly about new perspectives and developments.

Stay healthy and see you soon,

The M100 Team