“Press Freedom is your Freedom”

3 May 2024. “Press freedom is your freedom – this is the clear motto of the MVFP’s press freedom campaign as we enter the press freedom weeks in this super election year,” says Stephan Scherzer, CEO MVFP – Media Association of the free Press and M100 Advisory Board member. By giving a face to courageous journalists like Can Dündar and Düzen Tekkal, by bringing young people directly into the issue with the content creator ‘Herr Anwalt’, we show that freedom of the press is not only an important fundamental right, but also a right that is under threat. It is a right that we must cherish and defend every day to preserve. Especially now, in the age of digital information and artificial intelligence, it is crucial to promote the ability to critically question information and to understand freedom of the press as a freedom for all.”

“Without press freedom, you cannot know if the other rights even exist.” Can Dündar, editor-in-chief Özgürüz, documentary filmmaker and author

“Freedom of speech is non-negotiable! We can only solve the most pressing problems of the future together. No one has a monopoly on truth. Truth can only be established through mutual exchange. Journalists around the world make an indispensable contribution to this every day. Anyone who attacks them or hinders them in their work is an enemy of the truth.” Düzen Tekkal, founder HÁWAR.help, journalist, author, human rights activist