Sayyara Mammadova

Fact Checker

Sayyara is a fact-checker and a journalist based in Turkey. She has been working at the international fact-checking organisation Teyit which is member of the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN). She joined the team as the first Azerbaijani fact-checker when Teyit started the first fact-checking service abroad, Teyit Azerbaijani.

During the second Karabakh war when emotions were running high, her efforts were to spot and verify falsehoods spreading online. She was one of the authors of the first report that examined the misinformation landscape of the second Karabakh war in Azerbaijan.

She has collaborated with her head of editorial on the investigation of the biggest crypto exchange exit scam in Turkey, and the exposing the company behind the Instagram charity page. She uses open source intelligence techniques (OSINT) and tools on daily basis to uncover the truth.

Additionally, she was an editor in chief at the blockchain technology-focused media company, and also collaborated with Internews, in order to prepare guides on digital journalism for Azerbaijani journalists.