Nikita Kulikov

Moscow State University

Nikita is a student of faculty of journalism in Moscow State University, Department of Media Theory and Economics. He is in journalism since the 8th grade.

During his media studies in high school he became a winner of lots of Russian media festivals and a participant of Students Television Network convention in Anaheim, CA. As a student he was an intern at “Novosti” and “Vremya” news programs at Channel One. Nowadays he is working at the department of video content at “Novaya Gazeta”.

He is interested in political and social stories, especially in the way how social issues are represented in modern culture. As a journalist, he wants to connect the political, social and cultural spheres and strive to ensure that this information is understandable and easy for readers.


“Journalism matters, particularly in times of crisis”
We live in a world where journalism is a very relevant profession. While we cannot underestimate the impact on society (especially in times of crisis), the existence of journalism, providing accurate and trustworthy information, cannot be taken for granted.
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