Friedrich Steffes-lay

Head of Social Media

Friedrich Steffes-lay is “Head of social media” at the German daily newspaper WELT, where he regularly writes about pop culture, politics and society.

He knows both the editorial side and the commercial side in the media business and how to get people interested in journalism – especially in places where they don’t expect it. He is interested in foreign policy, especially in the European Union and the United States. His work has been published in WELT, WELT am Sonntag, Business Insider, Galore, Musikexpress, Rolling Stone and many more.


Previously, he studied at Axel Springer Akademie, one of the most renowned German journalism schools, and wrote for several music magazines. He is an alumnus of the RIAS Berlin Commission and researched human trafficking in Phoenix, Arizona thanks to a scholarship, and also participated in the “Youth4Regions” journalism program in Brussels in 2022. Friedrich Steffes-lay lives and works in Berlin.