Andreea Tănasie

Master’s Student
European Policy
University of Amsterdam

Andreea Tănasie is a Master’s student at the University of Amsterdam, Specialization European Policy. She graduated her Bachelor’s program at the University of Bucharest, in European and Cultural Studies. Besides having a part-time job as an Assistant in Communication and Public Relations, she was a volunteer in different Associations (such as Young Initiative Association and Association of Students from the Faculty of Letters), as well as an intern at The Romanian Institute for Human Rights. Informal education played an important role that she acquired from different courses (e.g., Introduction to Social Media Marketing), European-related events (e.g., Youth Pass – Youth Voices: We Are Shapers, Not Listeners!) and workshops (e.g., ‘Meet Your EU Job’). Throughout these activities, Andreea demonstrated respect, friendliness and willingness to learn.

Combined, some of the tasks she completed and performed are related to business communication; creating questionnaires of the EU Chart of Fundamental Rights and analysing charts and graphics; promoting EU values and the climate change call to action; writing projects for fundraising and organising online events to inform citizens about the importance of civic movement.

Andreea is open to challenges and eager to put her interests into practice. She is a creative, self-motivated person, who believes in self-learning. By being involved in different activities and events, she gained social and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to speak in public and pitch ideas.

One of her main interests is political discourse and the way in which journalism and media influence it. She is following public debate regarding the rising populist parties throughout Europe and wants to understand the mechanics behind today’s politics better. Andreea’s primary focus when it comes to research is related to the EU and its values.