Jessikka Aro

Journalist, Author
Expert on Russian Information Warfare

Jessikka Aro (M. Soc. Sci) is an award-winning former journalist, communications director, and author specializing in Russian information warfare. She started to investigate the Russian trolls’ impact on real people in 2014 and became the target of a criminal filth campaign by them that is ongoing to this day.

Despite this, Aro continues to train journalists, experts and general audiences to recognize and counter the Kremlin’s information operations. Her first book, “Putin’s Trolls”, was an international bestseller, and her next book, “Putin’s World War”, was published in May 2024.

In 2019, Aro was supposed to have received the International Women of Courage Award, but the award was rescinded by the Trump administration, in protest over Aro’s critical tweets about it.