Andreas Krieger

CEO and Editor-in-Chief

Andreas Krieger (born 1961) is managing director and editor-in-chief of Agence France-Presse GmbH (AFP) in Berlin, the German service and wholly owned subsidiary of the international news agency AFP.

In 1992, after studying at Bonn University (German language and literature, history and political science, psychology) and a traineeship in journalism, Krieger was hired as copy editor at the international news desk of AFP’s German service. He joined AFP’s graphics department shortly after to help building up this new unit. Later on he moved to the domestic news desk and covered German politics as political correspondent.

In 1996 Krieger headed reporting and news coverage from German regions before becoming general manager for the editorial departments in 1998. After executive studies in Business Administration at the University of Hagen he was granted power of procuration and became Managing Director of AFP GmbH in 2005. In March 2016 he became editor-in-chief of AFP’s German news service.