Amy S. Mitchell

Founding Executive Director

Amy S. Mitchell is the founding Executive Director of the Center for News, Technology & Innovation (CNTI). Prior to her role at CNTI, Mitchell served as Managing Director of news and Information Research at the Pew Research Center. In her 25 years with Pew Research, Mitchell helped launch the journalism research program and served as managing director since 2010, responsible for the center’s research related to news and information, including how the public accesses, engages with and creates news, what news organizations are providing, and the evolving role of technology in the flow of news and information.
Mitchell is an expert in project design & management, methodological application & evaluation, analysis and writing. She speaks around the world to elected leaders, technology companies, news and information providers and other decision makers. Mitchell also spent five years in her early career as a Congressional Research Associate at the American Enterprise Institute, where she researched public policy and the relationship of the press, the public and government. Mitchell is a graduate of Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.