Alan N. Shapiro

Author, Media Theoretician, Essayist


Alan N. Shapiro is a thinker and essayist known for his work in media theory, transdisciplinary and future design, French postmodern philosophy, and science fiction studies. He has also worked many years in industry as a software developer.

He has published the books Star Trek: Technologies of Disappearance (2004), The Technological Herbarium (2010), Software of the Future (2014), and Transdisciplinary Design (2017). He has recently been visiting professor of design at the Folkwang University of the Arts, and currently teaches media theory at the University of the Arts, Bremen and “future design research” at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Lucerne.

Since 2011, Shapiro has been keynote speaker at 20 academic or business conferences and art festivals. At present, he is writing a book (Autonomy in the Digital Society) on how digital media technologies and “moral algorithms“ could be designed for a more decentralized and post-scarcity economy. In this “posthuman“ future, we can live in partnership with animals, the planet, and technological beings such as robots and androids.