Dr Uwe Vorkötter


Uwe Vorkötter has been publisher of Horizont Medien, Print und Digital since April 2021. Before, he served as editor-in-chief from 2014 to January 2021.

From July 2012 to February 2014, he was advisor to the Executive Board at M. DuMont Schauberg. Previously, he worked as editor-in-chief of the Berliner Zeitung, the Frankfurter Rundschau and the Stuttgarter Zeitung.

Vorkötter, born in 1953 in Bochum, studied economics in Bochum and Tübingen (Dr. rer. pol. in Tübingen) and began his journalistic career in 1980 at the Stuttgarter Zeitung.

In 2000, he was awarded with the Karl Hermann Flach Award by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.