Deniz Yücel

Turkey Correspondent
Die Welt

As Turkey correspondent for the WELTN24 Group, Deniz Yücel attracted the displeasure of the Erdogan regime with his uncomfortable reporting, inter alia, on the Kurdish conflict and corruption in government circles. He was targeted by the judicial authorities at the end of 2016 after reporting in DIE WELT about a hacker attack on energy minister and Erdogan son-in-law Berat Albayrak. The e-mails, which included links between the Turkish government and the terrorist militia “Islamic State” (IS), were leaked to opposition media. Yücel was subsequently arrested and remanded in custody for alleged “terrorist propaganda”. But even under the pressure of his one-year imprisonment, Yücel was not banned from thinking or speaking. The award is also a reminder of all those who have yet to be released.

Opening Speech: Jann Jakobs
Main Speech: Christian Lindner
Laudatio: Ines Pohl
Acceptance Speech: Deniz Yücel