Dr. Bernard Kouchner

Doctor and politician

The Sanssouci Media Award 2006 was presented to the doctor and politician Dr. Bernard Kouchner.

Thanks to his work he has sensitized the media in Europe to the global suffering of mankind. As a European, he has shown that Europe is aware of its responsibility towards the humanitarian suffering in the world. In his role as UN Special Representative in Kosovo, he rendered outstanding services towards re-establishing peace in the Balkans.he has sensitized the media in Europe to the global suffering of mankind.

Kouchner dedicated his prize to his colleagues recently killed on a mission in Baghdad: “They are the best people on earth. And it’s always that the best people devoted to the others who are the victims. And I offer this prize for these four friends.” Before the official presentation ceremony, German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a speech.

Born in 1939 in France, Bernard Kouchner is a founding member of Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors
without Borders) and Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the World) and has in the course of his extraordinary career been active in different ways all over the world in promoting humanitarian aid, human rights and politics. In times of so many theatres of war around the world, the media are aware that apart from those immediately affected, not only journalists are in the front line, but also the “soldiers of humanity”, said Lord Weidenfeld. The media and doctors are fighting on the same front, the former for information and explanations, the latter for humanity and aid.

Main Speech: Dr. Angela Merkel
Acceptance Speech: Dr. Bernard Kouchner