Alexandra Borchardt: EBU report on climate journalism

30 March 2023. Over the past eight months, M100 advisory board member Prof. Dr Alexandra Borchardt and her two co-authors Katherine Dunn and Felix M. Simon from Oxford University have produced the new EBU Report 2023. Title: “Climate Journalism that works. Between knowledge and impact“. For the study, Alexandra Borchardt and her colleagues interviewed numerous editors-in-chief, media executives and academics worldwide who are researching the topic of climate communication, and present eleven case studies with innovative projects from a wide range of editorial offices, such as Planet A from Deutsche Welle or AFP’s “Future of the Planet” Hub.

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George N. Tzogopoulos: The War in Ukraine and Europe’s Choice

29 March 2023. As long as the conflict in Ukraine persists, predictions about its future evolution are hard to make,” writes Dr George N. Tzogopoulos, lecturer and Director of EU-China Programmes at CIFE in his recent paper “The War in Ukraine and Europe’s Choice”: “While European unity has been impressive since 24 February 2022, tensions lurk beneath the surface. The Baltic countries and Poland feel vindicated in their diachronic assessment of Russia and push toward a more muscular EU stance, which is not necessarily endorsed by other member states. Recently, President Macron appeared milder when he said that ‘Russia must be defeated but not crushed’.” (…)
In strategic parlance, the continuation of the war in Ukraine brings the EU to an awkward position, says Tzogopoulos, outlining three scenarios for an end to the war: “A victory for Kyiv, a victory for Moscow, and a stalemate where conflict would occasionally continue, and stability would be fragile.

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Save the Date: 14 September 2023

26 March 2023. Date and venue for 2023 are set: the 19th M100 Sanssouci Colloquium will take place on Thursday 14 September at the Orangerie Sanssouci in Potsdam under the title “Between Ambition and Disarray –  The Future of Democracy”.
This year we are again inviting around 80 experts from the media, academia and politics from many parts of Europe and beyond to discuss reasons for the strengths and weaknesses of democracy and the influence of the media in various Strategic Working Groups. The conference will end with the presentation of the M100 Media Award.
The week before, 20 to 25 young journalists from all over Europe will discuss at the M100 Young European Journalists Workshop how to report on climate change – and what this means for democracy.
Details will follow shortly.