Dr. Tobias Endler – a participant at M100SC – deals with the transatlantic relations and the effects of 9/11

“The world witnesses how Donald Trump turns democratic exchange into a wrestling match, at home as well as on the global stage. The vehemence of his attacks makes bridges across the Atlantic crumble. However, the stone has actually already cracked decades ago. It is now more important than ever before to build new bridges beyond the established political institutions: online connected forums for experts, cross-border media co-operations, think-tanks with international workforce– why not privately financed? Trump’s wrestling lasts four years, the transatlantic dialogue extends far beyond.”

Research Associate/Ph.D. & Research Coordinator, Heidelberg Center for American Studies, Germany

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“Freedom of press and opinion are the basic pillars of democracy. The agency Medienlabor is pleased to support M100, an organisation, which stands up for these values very actively for years, focuses on extremely relevant issues and offers a forum for an exchange between journalists.”

Daniel Wetzel, Managing Director Agentur Medienlabor, Potsdam