Our Alumni Network: Lorenzo Canu, Italy

26 January 2022. Lorenzo Canu is a communications all-rounder, with a passion for PR. After working in Italy, Hungary, United Kingdom, Spain and the Netherlands he graduated with honours in Political, Social and International Sciences from the University of Bologna, with a thesis in Public Relations that has been published by the Spanish think-tank Corporate Excellence.
He is currently interning at the European Association of Communication Agencies (EACA) in Brussels.

Outside his internship, Lorenzo also collaborates pro-bono with international and national PR associations (Corporate Excellence, Global Alliance, FERPi, COM-ENT) in the dissemination of the Global PR & Communications Model, which he single-handedly translated into French and Italian. He presented the latter on December 1st at a national conference, together with the results of his thesis (300+ views here), and he will do the same with the French translation together with COM-ENT, in 2022.

Lorenzo’s priorities are connecting with communication professionals, applying for masters degrees abroad at Sciences Po and Mundus Journalism and finding co-writers to participate in the latest EUPRERA’s Call for Papers. His main interests are crisis communications, public affairs and sustainability.

He participated in the M100 YEJ 2021 on the topic of “Reporting in Crises and the Crisis in Reporting”.

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