Online-Talk “Democratic Crossroads: The (dis)power of the media in the US election campaign”, 4 June, 19:15 hrs

2 June 2024. The media play a central role in shaping opinion in the US election campaign. But as technology increases, so does the opposite: disinformation and misinformation. As more voters turn to social media for information, the risk of influencing the masses with false news is increasing. Negative campaigning, fake news, images and videos generated by artificial intelligence – the problems are manifold. While the power of traditional news media is under attack from online platforms and social media, the media as a whole seem to exert enormous influence. To what extent do the media utilise this? And to what extent can presidential candidates capitalise on this influence? Finally, which media channels do young Gen Z and Gen Alpha consume (at all)?

Julius E. O. Fintelmann is co-founder of the European media start-up “The European Correspondent”, writes as a journalist for various international media (including taz, Tagesanzeiger, Swissinfo and others) and studies international law in Amsterdam.

Marie-Astrid Langer is the US correspondent for the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Since 2018, she has been reporting on technology, society and politics in America from Silicon Valley. Previously, she worked for six years as a foreign and business editor in Zurich. She attended the Henri Nannen School in Hamburg and studied International Business Administration in Tübingen and Santiago de Chile.

Moderator: Dr Tobias Endler

In German language

Location: Livestream online at or Public Viewing in the d.a.i. hall
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