New European News Platform

28 November 2022. Tim Kohnen, participant of this year’s M100 Young European Journalists Workshop, together with his colleague Julius E. O. Fintelmann has launched today the news platform The European Correspondent.

“The European Correspondent is a new kind of media organisation”, Tim and Julius say. “European at birth, we look beyond national borders to identify the challenges of our time. We believe that citizens across Europe need to be aware of the power dynamics, actions, and decision-making processes that drive this continent. Our team, consisting of journalists from all over Europe, deliver independent, fair, and in-depth reporting on the events that impact the everyday lives of those who live here. European journalism is an experiment”, Tim and Julius point out: “Together with our readers, we want to try out a diverse range of ideas and define what European journalism could and should look like. We are far from offering a final product – instead, we want to invite our readers to join us on this adventure.”

Independent news for and about Europe is more important than ever. That is why M100 supports this inspiring and courageous project by Tim, Julius and their team and wishes many readers and more supporters!