Meera Selva: “One of the most moving Ceremonies I have witnessed”


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Potsdam, 28 October 2022. Meera Selva, CEO Internews Europe, UK, about the M100 Sanssouci Colloquium:
“It was so important to talk about the importance of journalism and the role that journalists play in fighting misinformation, but more importantly in creating a healthy information environment that benefits all of society and benefits democracy. We see this as a vital subject in Ukraine, across Europe, but also across the world. It’s a battle we are all fighting and it was very important that the conference discussed these issues in this setting.

The M100 Media Award given to the people of Ukraine is one of the most moving ceremonies I have witnessed to see the sacrifices and to see the effort and to see the conviction of what they are fighting for and why they are fighting, expressed on stage, was very beautiful to see.”