M100 YEJ 2022

M100 Young European Journalists Workshop 2022

Journalistic impartiality in times of war – Dealing with Fake News and Disinformation

10 – 15 September 2022, Berlin & Potsdam
(Arrival 9 September, departure 16 September)

Fake news and disinformation have an impact on our society, our politics, our economy, on democracy, freedom of expression and freedom of the press, and on our security.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which was prepared long in advance by the Russian side through targeted false information which also plays a major role in the war, shows this in a particularly drastic way. Here, parallel to the military war with all its suffering and horror, a bitter information war is also being waged, a war for images, emotions, interpretive sovereignty and truth.

It makes clear how important it is to recognise, identify and combat fake news. How important and difficult thorough research is for journalists and media to be able to distinguish facts from fakes from the endless stream of information in the digital age.

In our six-day M100 Young European Journalists Seminar, which we have organised in cooperation with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, we have teached participants how to recognise fake news and how professional fact checkers and platforms like Facebook deal with the growing flood of false news and disinformation. How Fake News is dealt with during the war, how it is recognised and how it is combated and what is needed for this. What role traditional and social media play. What dynamics they develop and how journalists and fact-checkers in trouble spots and in various other countries in Europe deal with them.

A comprehensive summary of the workshop will be published here shortly.