M100 Alumna Anastasiia Ivantsova: “The world must know that Russia is lying!”

4 March 2022. “We need help and publicity. Vox Ukraine, fact-checking organisation and IFCN member of Ukraine, can provide you with information. Here is our overview of provocations and disinformation:

– Every two hours, the Vox Ukraine team publishes an overview of the aggressors’ provocations and disinformation attempts.
– Here you can find the victories of the Ukrainian army. Our army repels enemy attacks and defends every settlement and citizen of Ukraine.
– And here is our statement on this war.

The world must know that Russia is lying about this war.”

Anastasiia Ivantsova has been working as a data analyst at the independent analytics platform VoxCheck in Kyiv since 2019. She was an investigative journalist on the Schemes project on Radio Liberty and has worked for the business programme Prostonomica on Hromadske. In 2016 she participated in the M100YEJ.
Twitter @tsovkan