Ken Sweeney: The European Network is looking for media enthusiasts

22 January 2022. Irish journalist Ken Sweeney is passionate about running and fuelling the news platform The European Network, which he co-founded in 2019. “We publish articles by media enthusiats from all over Europe and the world” he says.

He is particularly proud of the series of different podcasts which deal with the future of Europe, science in Europe or with specific regions like Moldova, and in which ordinary people are also interviewed.

“We recognise that English may be the first language of only a minority of visitors to our website, and we celebrate this mosaic of cultures, perspectives and languages, held together by a common commitment to liberal democratic principles,” he says. While the lingua franca of the website is English, contributions from all language areas are welcome, resulting in a rich mix of perspectives from all parts of the world. “We seek to preserve each writer’s local character and integrity, including many of their linguistic nuances, which we believe would be muted or lost if proof-edited into perfect English.”