Kai Diekmann on the reasons for the M100 Media Award to #WomenLifeFreedom

30 August 2023. M100 Advisory Board member Kai Diekmann on why the #WomenLifeFreedom movement of Iran was chosen to receive this year’s M100 Media Award, which will be accepted by Iranian women’s rights activist Shima Babaei on 14 September in Potsdam:
“The people of Iran – especially Iranian women and girls – have been taking to the streets for months, protesting for freedom, equality and human dignity. Against their own government, which oppresses, tortures, mutilates and murders them.
With the M100 Media Award, we want to encourage these women and men to keep going and not give up until they have defeated the mullahs and can live in free self-determination.
After the people of Ukraine, whom we honoured last year for their determined and heroic defence of their freedom and sovereignty against the brutal Russian invasion, the choice of the Women, Life, Freedom Movement of Iran this year is only logical.”