The moderators of this year’s #M100SC!

These are the moderators of this year’s #M100SC, titled “Democracy or Despotism? The Renaissance of Dark Powers”: Astrid Frohloff, Ali Aslan, Christoph Lanz and Leonard Novy. The event takes place on Thursday, 14 September 2017 in the Orangery of Potsdam-Sanssouci.

ASTRID FROHLOFF will moderate Session I: “The Dawning of a New Age”. Political visions and concrete strategies in an international order under new auspices due to Brexit and the new US president Donald Trump will be discussed. Our moderator Astrid Frohloff is a German TV presenter and journalist. Since 2009, she is hosting the renowned investigative TV magazine “Kontraste” at ARD, the German public service channel. Furthermore, she hosts the political TV magazine “Klartext” at rbb.

Session II “Failing Democracy?” deals with the future of liberal democracies in consideration of the changes through digitalisation, globalisation and populism. The journalist, media specialist and strategic advisor CHRISTOPH LANZ will moderate the session. As the chief editor of Deutsche Welle TV, he contributed to shaping the prior years of foreign TV.

The TV presenter, journalist and political scientist ALI ASLAN will moderate Session III “The New(s) Media”, discussing the crisis of public communication and the threat to freedom of press and opinion in autocratic as well as democratic countries. Ali Aslan has worked for news channels, such as CNN, ABC News, Channel News Asia and Deutsche Welle TV and is regularly moderating political round table discussions worldwide.

The Co-Director of the Institute for Media and Communication Policy (Ifm) in Cologne DR. LEONARD NOVY will take over the overall moderation, providing the main thread. The political scientist and publicist has done his doctoral studies at the University of Cambridge on the identity and public of the EU. Moreover, he is the co-editor of the political blog “Carta” and mainly works on topics, such as governance, democracy, the public as well as on the impact of the internet on politics and media.