Europe, Elections, Disinformation and the State of Democracy


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9 May 2024. Never before have so many people around the world been able to vote in one year as in 2024. Around half of the world’s population will be able to cast their vote this year and have a decisive influence on the way the world will be governed for years to come.
Experts fear that this super election year will be accompanied by an increase in fake news and disinformation to influence voters’ opinions and voting behaviour. Increasingly rapid advances in artificial intelligence, growing threats from wars and crises, and decreasing protection against hate and hate speech on social media are all contributing to this trend.
France, Poland and Germany have agreed to take joint action against troll campaigns in the wake of massive disinformation and cyber-attacks, largely orchestrated by Russia. A massive increase in Russian disinformation activities aimed at influencing the population is expected in many European countries, especially in the run-up to the European elections and the Paris Olympics.
In the super election year of 2024, the 20th M100 Sanssouci Colloquium will focus on the impact of disinformation, Europe’s ability to defend itself, the transatlantic partnership, the state of democracy, the opportunities and dangers of artificial intelligence, and the role and responsibilities of journalists in an increasingly complex and complicated world.