Edith Michaeler to lead the M100 Young European Journalists Workshop

The Austrian journalist and PR specialist Edith Michaeler will lead the M100 Young European Journalists Workshop, which takes place under the topic “Reporting in Crises and the Crisis in Reporting” from 10 September to 2 October online.

Edith works at the fjum (fjum_forum journalismus und medien) in Vienna, a European journalism hub based in Vienna, where she directs the training program on digital journalism as well as a Masterclass on journalistic innovation. She is specialised in combining classic elements of journalism and communication work with the endless possibilities of the internet and digital media. She loves to detect and tell all kinds of stories and has a keen eye on media innovation and digital journalism. As a trainer and coach, she accompanies colleagues and organisations formulating as well as questioning their stories. She hosts the popular Podcast “Erzähl mir von Wien” (Tell me about Vienna) featuring anecdotes and history of Vienna/ Austria.

“Facing the multitude of crises out there, a journalist can only do, what a journalist has to do: Her or his job!”, Edith states. “I am very much looking forward to working out with my colleagues at the M100 Young European Journalists Workshop, how each and every one of us can contribute within his or her work to overcome the crises.”

For more information about the M100YEJ, including application conditions, please click here.