Alexandra Borchardt: EBU report on climate journalism

30 March 2023. Over the past eight months, M100 advisory board member Prof. Dr Alexandra Borchardt and her two co-authors Katherine Dunn and Felix M. Simon from Oxford University have produced the new EBU Report 2023. Title: “Climate Journalism that works. Between knowledge and impact“. For the study, Alexandra Borchardt and her colleagues interviewed numerous editors-in-chief, media executives and academics worldwide who are researching the topic of climate communication, and present eleven case studies with innovative projects from a wide range of editorial offices, such as Planet A from Deutsche Welle or AFP’s “Future of the Planet” Hub.

“The climate crisis will determine our future more than any other issue,” says Borchardt. “But we found evidence that viewers are turning away from climate reporting because it is simply not communicated well. News outlets can – and must – do better – and we have constructive recommendations that, if implemented, could be game-changers for them and for the way audiences engage with this complex issue.”
Climate reporting will also be the topic of this year’s M100 Young European Journalists Workshop (M100YEJ), which will take place from 9 to 14 September in Potsdam in cooperation with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.
The report can be downloaded here.