von Ow-Freytag, Barbara

International Relations Advisor
Prague Civil Society Centre,
Tschechische Republik

Journalist, political scientist and expert on Russian civil society. International Relations Advisor for the Prague Civil Society Centre. Correspondent for Reuters News Agency (London, Vienna) and foreign editor and free-lance correspondent for the German Süddeutsche Zeitung in Paris and Moscow. Analyst for East Germany and German-German relations at the research institute of Radio Free Europe. Later project manager for Eastern Europe at the Center for Applied Policy Research (CAP) in Munich. Extensive NGO work in Russia, notably with youth detention centers. Consultant on Eastern Europe for the Bundestag Committee on European Affairs and advisor for the Government coordinator on inter-societal cooperation with Russia, Andreas Schockenhoff (2008-2013). Executive Director of the Secretariat of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum (EU-RUS CSF) and head of the working group for cooperation with the Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership. Currently international Relations and Advocay Advisor for the Prague Civil Society Centre in Brussels.