Dr. Julie Posetti

Senior Research Fellow
Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
Vereinigtes Königreich

Dr. Julie Posetti is a award-winning Australian journalist and academic. She is Senior Research Fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford, where she leads the Institute’s Journalism Innovation Project.

She is the author of UNESCO’s ‚Protecting Journalism Sources in the Digital Age‚ (2017) – a study of digital-era threats to confidential journalistic communications with sources and whistleblowers covering 121 countries, including Australia. It demonstrated the creeping threats of national security overreach, mass and targeted surveillance, and data retention and handover to investigative journalism internationally and made recommendations for reforms to ensure analogue era laws and normative frameworks continue to hold in the digital era.

Posetti is also co-editor of UNESCO’s ‚Journalism, Fake News, and Disinformation‚ (2018). Additionally, she is lead author of ‚The Perugia Principles for Journalism: Working with Whistleblowers in the Digital Age‚ (2019).

Her PhD dissertation examined the intersecting themes of journalistic source protection, media freedom and digital rights.

She is a former Australian Broadcasting Corporation journalist who worked across radio and TV news, current affairs, documentaries and features, and the former head of Digital Editorial Capability at Fairfax Media. She was the recipient of the 1996 Australian Human Rights Award for Radio for an investigative series on child abuse in state care and the rise of the racist right in Australian politics.