Astrid Frohloff

Astrid Frohloff

TV-Moderatorin und Journalistin
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Astrid Frohloff is a German TV presenter and journalist. She is specialized in politics and economy. Currently, she is very much engaged in the new field of Constructive Journalism. From 2009 to 2018 she was hosting the renowned investigative TV magazine “Kontraste” at ARD, the German public service channel. Prior to that, she was chief-anchorwoman of the nation-wide news show in Sat.1 for almost six years.

Astrid Frohloff has been the spokesperson of the board of the human rights organisation „Reporters without Borders” for 12 years. The organization is fighting for the freedom of the press worldwide.

As a journalist, she is not only specialised in domestic politics but also in Middle East topics. From 1994-1999 she was working as a TV correspondent in Jerusalem. She covered the whole Middle East as the head of the Sat.1 office in Israel. She was reporting from Arab countries such as Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, and Oman.

Astrid Frohloff studied political science in Hannover (M.A.). She then got her Masters Degree in Journalism at the Institute for Journalism in Hannover. She spent some time in the U.S. where she studied Journalism at the University of Austin, Texas. She also spent some months in Boston and New York.