Dr. Dietmar Woidke

Minister President of Brandenburg

1982 – 1987
Attended the Department of Agriculture, the Humboldt University, Berlin, completing a course in Agriculture and Livestock Farming/Nutritional Physiology,
graduating with a Degree in Agricultural Engineering

1987 – 1990
Research Assistant at the Institute for Nutritional Physiology at the Humboldt University, Berlin

1990 – 1992
Head of the Scientific Department at Sano-Mineralfutter GmbH

1992 – 1994
Head of the Office for Agriculture and the Environment in the District of Spree-Neiße

Doctor of Agriculture

Since 1993
Member of the SPD

Since 1994
Member of the Landtag (State Parliament), of which he has been a member ever since

2004 – 2009
Minister for Rural Development, the Environment and Consumer Protection of Brandenburg

11.2009 – 09.2010
Chairman of the SPD Parliamentary Group and Member of the Presidium of the State Parliament

10.2010 – 08.2013
Minister of the Interior of Brandenburg

Since 28.08.2013
Minister President of Brandenburg

Since 29.01.2014
Coordinator for German-Polish Intersocietal and Cross-Border Cooperation