Erika Widegren

Chief Executive
Re-Imagine Europa (RIE)

Erika is Chief Executive of Re-Imagine Europa (RIE), the first incubator for new political ideas for Europe co-founded together with President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. The aim of RIE is to redefine how long-term policy and vision is developed using new technologies to foster a dynamic public discourse, collective intelligence and realistic solutions for the benefit of a stronger, fairer and more competitive Europe.

Together with Professor Manuel Castells she is leading the RIE Task Force on “Democracy in a Digital Society” bringing together over one hundred experts from academia, policy, media, civil society and industry to develop a blueprint of what a European model for the digital society could look like.

Erika has been working in the field of connecting science, society and policy for over a decade. She is fellow at PlusValue, a UK-based European company focusing on social innovation; she is board member of Citizen Communication Platform, a Swedish project to promote stronger communication with citizens; and member of the committee supporting the work of Luc Van den Brande, Special Adviser to President Jean- Claude Juncker, for the Report on the “Outreach towards Citizen” Strategy.

Erika has written and contributed to numerous articles and reports including: “Democracy in a Digital Society” (Re-Imagine Europa, 2019), “The State-of-the-Art in Research on Mechanisms that Shape Social Media and Their Impact on Society” (European Commission, 2018), “Citizen Engagement and Media Campaign on Chronic Diseases” (EISMD, 2016); “Have your say…about Science! Special Initiative for Citizen Engagement in Science” (EISMD, 2014); “The Role of the Media in Responsible Research and Innovation” (EISMD 2013); “European Research and Innovation – 2020: What can the leading institutions of civil society do for Europe?” (EISMD, 2010)

She is a frequent speaker and moderator at European conferences on these topics including: “Lessons from Europe” (Rio de Janeiro, July 2019), OECD the high-level meeting “Understanding the Economy And How To Make It Work Better For People” (Madrid – April 2019), RIE-ALLEA Forum on “Democracy in a Digital Society (Berlin – January 2019), OECD Forum 2018 (Paris – May 2018), Economic Ideas Forum 2017 (Brussels – November 2017), SAPEA International Science Conference on “Crossing Boundaries: new approaches to science for policy in Europe” (Tallinn – October 2017), European Innovation Summit (European Parliament – November 2016), the 2nd INGSA Conference on “Science and Policy Making: towards a new dialogue” (European Commission – September 2016).