M100 board meeting with passing on the baton to Sabine Wessels as new project manager

Potsdam, 24 January, 2018. At the M100 board meeting on 23 January 2018 (photo from left to right: Klaus Rost, Sabine Schicketanz, Christoph Lanz, Sabine Wessels, Christian Rainer, Sabine Sasse, Jann Jakobs, Astrid Frohloff, Kai Diekmann, Moritz van Dülmen) not only discussed the topic of the upcoming conference, also Sabine Sasse was adopted as M100 project manager after 11 years. In October 2017, she has taken over a new position as Managing Director of the pro-European initiative United Europe.

Her successor is Sabine Wessels, who has been working for many years as a campaign owner and project manager for numerous institutions and events, especially in the media sector. Sabine Wessels, who has been working for many years as a campaign owner and project manager for numerous institutions and events, will succeed Sabine Sasse, especially in the media sector. Sabine Wessels has been responsible for the conception and implementation of MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin since 2009. She has also been working for Amnesty International for many years, also in the field of conception and implementation of campaigns and projects, including the discussion series “Amnesty@50 – Perspectives for Human Rights”, the Amnesty Film Award at the Berlinale, Jugend@Amnesty, the annual youth meeting of Amnesty International and has won respect for the project competition “Respect!The Berlin Council for Democracy, an initiative of the State Office for Equal Treatment – against discrimination. In addition, Ms. Wessels has also worked as an author and editor for numerous TV stations and production companies – she comes from the industry and we are pleased to have won her as the successor to Sabine Sasse.

This year’s participants of M100YEJ are selected

Potsdam, July 10, 2017. About 60 highly qualified young journalists from all the Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) as well as from Russia have applied for this year’s #M100YEJ, titled “How to finance independent journalism”. The selection was challenging, because we could only choose 15 out of all the creative, experienced and promising applicants. Thanks to all applicants for their amazing and impressing applications. We want to encourage you to continue pursuing your projects and ideas. To all the selected, we hope to provide you  valuable advice and contacts for the realisation of your own projects. You can find the list of this year’s participants of the M100YEJ 2017 here:

We are pleased to announce our media cooperation with Deutsche Welle!

“The development in more and more countries in the world shows that freedom of press and opinion are mandatory for democracies. The media cooperation between Deutsche Welle and M100 Sanssouci Colloquium helps channeling the journalistic energy on this important European platform for the defence of those values.”

Peter Limbourg, Director, Deutsche Welle, Germany

Visual summary of the M100 Sanssouci Colloquium 2017