M100 Young European Journalists Workshop 2018

“Journalism & Political Education in the Social Web”

10 – 19 September 2018, Potsdam, Germany


The M100 Young European Journalists Workshop invites 25 journalists between 18 and 28 years from Europe, the countries of the Eastern Partnership (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova & Ukraine) and Russia to an intensive training course on “Journalism & Political Education in the Social Web” from 10 to 19 September 2018 in Potsdam and Berlin.


1.    The Topic

Political opinions are more and more formed in the social web. Driven by the development of digital media, the political debate worldwide is increasingly shifting to autonomous sub-publics on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Co. In order for political education offers to reach the youth especially, it is important to take advantage of the social web. How can young people be successfully addressed? How can political education work reach its target groups? It is often observed how the success of education formats is determined by their reach. Hence, the amount of followers that some youtubers and influencers provide can indeed encourage new ideas for political education work with the youth.


  1.  The Workshop

The Workshop “Journalism & Political Education in the Social Web” is set at the intersection of webvideo, social networks and political education work with the goal of promoting projects of political education work in the social web in Europe, Eastern Partnership countries and Russia. The workshop connects actors in the diverse fields of journalism, political education work, social media and webvideo. It presents current projects and developments, enables an international and interdisciplinary networking of the participants and provides the opportunity for a creative development of an own project.


  1.  The Outcome

The aim of the workshop is to develop concepts for platforms that strengthen the European idea as well as freedom of expression and freedom of the press. Ideally, our participants will implement the projects in their home countries and achieve a multiplier effect for common democratic values. The young journalists are supported by experts in the field of online video and by prominent social media influencers and will develop a broad network of high-ranking journalists. The workshop takes place in cooperation with the cross-media community channel Alex Berlin. At the end of the 6-day training, the results will be presented in a pitch and the best web videos will be published online at Alex Berlin. Finally, the young journalists will take part in the international media conference M100 Sanssouci Colloquium, which invites over 60 international chief editors, historians and representatives of political organisations to Potsdam to discuss the new transatlantic relationship, Europe’s agenda for the post-American era and the role of the media. The results of the workshop will be published at the M100 Sanssouci Colloquium and on our M100 YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook account.

Since 2005, the workshop has connected young journalists from Europe, the Eastern Partnership countries and Russia and promoted long-term ties among participants, providing a M100 alumni group or organising alumni meetings. Having realised different collaborative, cross-border projects, such as blogs, platforms, films or reports during the workshop, the young journalists gain the relevant experience to realise own projects and goals afterwards. Some M100 alumnis founded their own media organisations, such as the co-founder of the investigative network Correct!v Daniel Drepper or the founder of the reportage platform Outriders Jakub Górnicki. Others continued to work for successful independent media organisations, such as De Correspondent Netherlands or Hromadske.TV Ukraine.


The M100YEJ is an initiative of the City of Potsdam and Potsdam Media International e.V.. It is supported by the Federal Foreign Office and the National Endowment for Democracy and takes place in cooperation with Alex Berlin, the European Youth Press and the MIZ Babelsberg.