Ingrida Andrijauskaite, 21, Lithuania
Ingrida is a student of Public Communication at Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania. She is a freelance journalist at INIT television in Kaunas (Lithuania). She looks forward to learn about other cultures and how the media influences political and social debate in Europe.

Meerim Avazbekova, 23, Kyrgyzstan
Meerim studied Business Studies in Berlin and in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Currently she works as Research Projects Coordinator's Assistant at the Joint Media Committee of Kyrgyzstan which provides media research on the support of USAID/OTI. She is highly motivated to learn new techniques from media specialists.

Gulara Azimzadeh, 26, Azerbaijan

Lucian Bălănuţă, 24, Romania
Lucian is currently working as a news editor, as a presenter and as EU affairs reporter for the Regional Public Radio Iasi in Romania. He wrote his dissertation thesis about the topic of British euro-scepticism. He is interested in communication and its correlation with the practice of journalism in various forms of media.

Albert Guasch Rafael, 25, Spain
Albert is studying Journalism at the University of Barcelona UAB. He is interested in International Journalism and specially the European Union.

Jessica Hanack, 19, Germany
Jessica is studying Journalism and Media Management. She gained journalistic experiences during internships at  the sports editorial department of Die Welt and at different editorial and technical departments of the broadcasting company Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg.

Triin Ilves, 21, Estonia
Ilves studied Journalism at the University of Tartu and worked as a news reporter in Estonian Public Broadcasting News. She wants to learn new skills to become an even better journalist.


Ketevan Kantaria, 23, Ukraine/Georgia
Ketevan besides of being a chess expert, she gained a bachelor in International Journalism and Information. Then she finished a master degree in Online Journalism.

Radina Koleva, 24, Bulgaria
Radina got a bachelor degree in Journalism and worked as a journalist in the last five years. She is editor for “International News” in Sofia. She is interested in politics and is taking part in an internship program in the German parliament.

Konstantinos Koulocheris, 24, Greece
Konstantinos is a third year student on Journalism and Communication Studies (BA) at the University of Middlesex in London. He is working as an editor for the Migrants Resource Centre’s paper, “The New Londoners”, where he publishes articles about the cultural diversity and topics related to the migrants community in London.


Ekaterina Kuznetsova, 22, Russia
Ekaterina recently graduated from Leeds University in the UK where she finished a broadcast journalism course. She has been working as a freelance journalist during three years of her studying, and has work experience with Yorkshire Evening Post and BBC. Ekaterina was elected as European Youth Press board member in 2013.

Marine Leduc, 24, France

Marine studied European Journalism at the University Paris and is working as a freelance journalist. During a voluntary service in Palestine she gained a lot of experience she wants to share. She is thinking about starting a cultural online magazine between Europe and the Middle East.

Nina Medić, 25, Croatia
Nina gained her master degree in Journalism and Public Relations. Currently she is writing for the regional Internet portal “Šibenik News” in Šibenik. She is motivated to improve journalism in her country.

Yll Muriqi, 21, Kosovo
Yll is studying Political Sciene at the University of Prishtina. Actually, he is working as press officer in the Kosovo Center for Diplomacy. He wants to promote and develop European values in his country and the region.

Anna Paul, 22, Great Britain
Anna has recently finished studying English Literature; Film and Television Studies at the University of Glasgow and worked in diverse areas in the media. She is especially interested in learning more about journalism outside of Academia, about European identity and how the media reflect and inform the inhabitants of each country.

Karol Pawlowicki, 22, Poland
Karol studied Surveying and Cartography at Gdansk University of Technology where he joined the Student’s Radio Agency. After obtaining the Bachelor of Science grade, he began his work as a journalist at the Polish Radio in Warsaw.

Ecem Cennet Sarigül, 24, Turkey
Ecem is working as a freelance photojournalist with a focus on social movements. Besides this, she is working in film and photography productions. She wants to learn about social and political reflections of the media in Europe.

Federica Signoriello, 23, Italy
Federica is studying Political Science and International Relations in Naples. She has a great passion for journalism. Since March 2012 she is an author for the online magazines GRE Independent, Cafebabel and Il Levante, among others.

Anna Tervahartiala, 23, Finland
Anna studied Social and Cultural Anthropology, Media and Communication Studies at the University of Helsinki. She wrote her bachelor thesis about the media’s role as the producer of reality, world views and understanding. She is working as a freelance journalist and at a digital communication office in Helsinki.

Louise Willocx, 17, Belgium
Louise is a member of the youth press agency StampMedia. She won the competition “The Junior State of the European Union” writing an essay about “Europe and it’s future”. She wants to learn how the media influence the general opinion about Europe in each member state differently and how they can contribute to overcome this crisis.

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